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I'm Christine - Your Personal Trainer in Düsseldorf 

About me

All life long, sport has been my permanent companion – As a gymnast, dancer, tennis player, runner – I have always been training for the next tournament. But this training was not for my soul and for my health, it was only for the competition. When my body was sending signals to slow down, I ignored them. This led to two herniated disks within just 3 months. So, finally, as I noticed that I have to change something, I started to learn about different training methods…and never stopped since then. Today, I train mindfully and know what my body capable of. I still test my limits but in a healthy way.


My training method

The way I train for myself is how I train my clients as well. I want to do good to both the body and the soul. This does not mean that the training is easy – it is definitely not. But the training should have a sustainable effect which means more than growing muscles. It is important not only to be fit today but to stay strong and healthy in the future. Go to the limits but also listen to your body.

I offer different kind of trainings:

  • Functional & Mobility Training

  • Functional Power Yoga

  • Athletics Training

  • Fitness Kickboxing

  • Occupational Health Management

It is not necessarily an “either or”. We can also mix different training approaches. How about a nice Outdoor Power Yoga session which strengthens and stretches the whole body?


Contact me for a trial session!

Your Christine Ronge
Personal-Fitness Trainer in Düsseldorf 

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